How to Upload Files to TeraBox via Telegram?

TeraBox users have long cherished the convenience of remote file uploads, a feature that allowed seamless transfers from other cloud services or direct download links without intermediate downloads. Recently, TeraBox announced the discontinuation of this feature on their official blog.

For those missing this functionality, there’s now an alternative via a Telegram bot known as the ‘Remote Upload Bot’. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this feature securely:

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Steps to Upload Files to TeraBox via Telegram?

I will teach you how to upload files to Terabox mod APK via Telegram. Just follow the following steps, and you will learn easily.

  • Search for Remote Upload Bot: Open Telegram and search for ‘Remote Upload Bot’. Look for the bot displaying the TeraBox icon and click to initiate.
  • Start Conversation: Once inside the bot chat, click ‘Start’ to commence the interaction.
  • Link Your TeraBox Account: The bot will prompt you to bind your TeraBox account. Click ‘Bind with TeraBox account’ and log in using your TeraBox credentials. Upon successful login, you’ll receive confirmation of account binding.
  • Enter File Link: With your account linked, paste the download link of the file you wish to upload into the conversation. The bot will recognize the link and create a remote upload task.
  • Confirmation and Upload: Wait for the bot to fetch and upload the file to TeraBox. You’ll receive a confirmation message once the upload is complete.


The time required for file upload depends on its size. Once uploaded, you can find the file in the automatically generated ‘Remote Upload’ folder within your TeraBox storage.

We hope this guide helps you effectively utilize remote uploading to TeraBox. For those on the free plan with its limitations, consider exploring options to enhance your experience, such as upgrading to TeraBox’s premium plan.

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